Handled with proper care, jewellery can be a life-long treasure. Be sure to avoid such common mistakes as storing it in the bathroom or wearing your pieces on the beach or by the pool. You might also lose them while doing household chores or if you keep the chains unfastened.


Jewellery with gemstones
While storing and wearing your precious gems, be sure to avoid contact with chemicals, cleaners, hairspray and perfumes since it might cause changes of colour.




Be sure to put on and take off jewellery with pearls first since the glimmer of pearls is easily weakened by scratches and impacts. Also, avoid contact with chemicals.

It is recommended to clean pearls with a soft cloth and store them in separate bags or boxes.



Precious metals

Shiny, matt and textured surfaces may lose their charm over the course of time. We recommend restoring your jewellery every two to three years at the jeweller’s studio since it is easy to harm the piece when you are trying to clean it on your own.