Patience, unconditional dedication and a taste for understated luxury made jeweller Giedre Duoble one of the most interesting names in the contemporary Lithuanian jewellery scene. In more than three years of developing the 57 edges brand, she has created and crafted hundreds of memorable pieces which became style signatures, symbols of love, and epitomes of great individual design.


Giedre, being an urban minimalist with a taste for luxury, prefers to work with highest-quality materials like gold and precious stones. Her creations are undoubtedly minimalistic with a subtle twist – she likes to take traditional design and make it more intriguing, she has also collaborated with other artists from different fields.


Giedre prefers to say that her inspiration comes from all the love stories that she gets to hear and the urban environment that she never stops to explore. Giedre creates just like she lives day-by-day – treasuring every moment and making memories last.